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"We are huge sports fans with a busy schedule and small room spaces. So we just bought our kids online a set of Chinese table tennis equipment which allows them to practice without the table," Hanoian reporter Nguyen Hao told Xinhua on Friday, noting that the table tennis ball is fixed on a flexible carbon fiber, so people can use rackets to play the game without a table in a narrow space.Along the journey, Ramasami kept himself away from the hustle and bustle of city life and listened to his inner voice. "That voice for me was to follow my heart," he said.The size of destruction and lack of services were major barriers to the relaunch of production lines in Aleppo, but the people there have shown admirable determination to put the damaged city back on the right track.The female students, all in red with apsara crowns, danced with local music, in front of the seven-head naga sculptures and the ancient temple.



  • by Jamil Bhatti, Liu Tian
  • Crew members prepare hot air balloon flight during the opening ceremony at Pokhara, Nepal, on Nov. 17, 2018.(Xinhua/Sunil Sharma)
  • By Christine Lagat
  • In cooperation with the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, Gerry has been organizing a Walk of Remembrance, an annual event to honor the Chinese fishing village which was burnt down.



  Muscovites have shown great interest in the panda pair, and the zoo expects huge inflows of visitors after the panda house is open to the public.Andrew Ip, president of the London Chinatown Lions Club, told Xinhua that the funds raised from the event will go to both the Chinese communities' charities and national or international projects.As pasulj in hundreds of cauldrons was slowly being cooked by skillful hands of amateur chefs, audience covered in veil of smoke was entertained by performances of children singing and dancing on the main stage, followed by one of the oddest sporting competitions in Serbia, including a race of husbands carrying their wives.


With the implementation of China's Belt and Road Initiative, his dream is coming true.
Neiharika Rajiv, one of the six developers, presents the device for ensuring women's safety in New Delhi, India, on June 11, 2018. A team of six Indian youngsters have won a prestigious prize of 1 million U.S. dollars for designing and developing a device for ensuring women's safety. (Xinhua/Zhang Naijie)POKHARA, Nepal, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- When a giant colorful balloon appeared in the ground near the pristine lake of the Fewa Lake in Nepal's most popular tourism destination Pokhara on Saturday morning, hundreds of people gathered for the unusual scene with excitement.
Many voters were rushing at early hours to the polling stations on a cloudy but warm summer day, indicating a high turnout of the voting, as predicted by public opinion surveys.by Xinhua writers Ma Jianguo, Xu Xiaolei, Lin Yuan
Dr Marianne Hulsbosch from the University of Sydney who specialises in multicultural studies believed that aspects of the moon festival which revolve around family, reunion and missing loved ones, present outsiders to the Asian cultures with a different picture, which is recognisable and relatable.
Sydney's Lunar New Year celebrations will span across most of February, with the Australian summer still in full swing and people very much in the mood to celebrate.
"It's sad it was closed over the weekend. I booked the tickets six months ago. I would be very much disappointed if it is closed."
"More and more people have been joining, not only Chinese or Asians, but also people from various races and cultural backgrounds," said Sitan Chen, founder and chairman of Tai Chi Qigong Association of America (TCQAA), in an interview with Xinhua, on the sidelines of the 2018 Tai Chi & Health Qigong Festival held in Westbury, New York, in early June.UN envoy Martin Griffiths has been shuttling between the Iranian-allied Houthi rebels in Sanaa and the Yemeni government in exile in a bid to end the civil war, which erupted after the rebels seized much of the country's north in late 2014.


  • "China is a country that developed very quickly, and it made many creations that are interesting," said the boy.
  • Rafael Abreu, Director of Sales and Marketing of Statue Cruises, was very grateful to New York State governor Andrew Cuomo for his bail out of the city's most iconic landmark.
  • With a diameter of 13.7 meters, it is China's only large radio telescope working at the millimeter wave band, providing data for a series of key astronomical studies, and it's open to astronomers worldwide.
  • According to food delivery company Meituan, orders grew by 40 percent from the previous day within just 15 minutes of the opening match of the World Cup.
  • Cuomo announced Sunday the state would cover the 65,000-dollar-a-day tab to pay federal employees who operate Liberty Island.At the expo, she took a closer look at the products and asked questions about them, which is very different from her previous experiences of shopping online.Meanwhile, his girlfriend had her eyes glued on a fluffy white Samoyed, a breed of large herding dog which takes its name from the Samoyedic people of Siberia. Not far from the Samoyed were other well-known dog species, including Chihuahuas, Poodles and Pomeranians, and several sleeping cats and hyperactive hamsters.
  • The women who mainly engage in small-scale businesses like hawking ready-to-eat food, groceries and second clothes have come together to form Mawe group.Traditional fillings include lotus seed paste, sweet bean paste, jujube paste and five kinds of kernel, and the most common one on the market is made of lotus seed paste, salted egg yolk and lard.
  • The central Nghe An province, hometown of 21 out of the 39 Vietnamese victims, has more than 60,000 people working abroad, the highest number in the country. The province defines labor export as one of the key ways to create jobs and reduce poverty.




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      For six days starting Saturday, there are sales points at 15 sites in Hong Kong. The number of flower booths inside each site is halved from a year ago, and florists are required to offer hand sanitizers at their stalls and take virus tests before the fair opens.

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      ssc799注He said this might help Bei Bei later in life, as his father Tian Tian has a little bit of a "sore shoulder" and is subject to laser therapy.

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    The VFW is unique among big city fashion shows, Yu said. "It's not just about fashion trends or designers, or brands," she added. "It's more about culture."

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    ssc799注Yet, the Italian production was large, rich and varied, said domestic experts, and potentially capable to improve.

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    After passing the main door, a short stairway in the entrance takes visitors down to the fence of the central exhibition hall, which has a large eight-meter-tall statue of King Ramses II standing in the middle. The magnificent statue is the first eye catchy thing visitors can see from a distance once they get inside the museum.

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    ssc799注Kimani disclosed that the mushrooming online retail platforms coupled with social media had revolutionized flower business in Kenya.

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    "I have never, ever experienced anything like it (dragon boat). I think it is amazing. I found it is really interesting, but honestly, I do not know much about it, but today if anything inspires me to know more," said Stephanie Ann, a local visitor who came with her family to enjoy the festival.

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    ssc799注Adding to his basket of fruits are offers from Columbia University, Vanderbilt University, SUNY at Stony Brooks, SUNY at Buffalo, SUNY at Binghamton, Hofstra University and College of Saint Rose. He chooses to major in mathematics at Harvard, with 73,000 U.S. dollars of scholarship for the junior year.

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      The Israeli restraints on Palestinian imports and exports, say the workers at the soap factory.